Purchase Individual Meditations

These individual meditations have been chosen for their potency and for their subject matter.  Please drink water, eat salt and possibly fats if you body is craving them or if you feel light headed.  As I always say after class, since the physical body is built on the energy body, when we adjust the energy body it has a real physical effect.  Please take care of you.  Salt baths are also very supportive.


Allow yourself to get to know your true nature. 
Develop a relationship with your body and discover how energy moves through it.  Learn how you can use energy with your body as a tool for awareness.  Awareness helps you identify patterns and programming that isn’t serving you. We also call this tapping into our intuition.  My work helps you take that deeper.
Once you start to become more aware, you can FEEL your truth. Navigating life becomes much easier.  You can live with more clarity, more joy, and more presence
Learning to navigate life from this perspective doesn’t usually happen all in one day, it is a practice.  It is a gradual thing.  And I have made it easier for you to start or continue the process of uncovering your true nature.  Use it to create a life you love.