I am pleased to announce I have a new location for classes and private sessions called Practice Works. The new space in Birmingham dedicated to health and wellness. We have it all from yoga, to physical therapy, massage, energy work and life coaching. Located in Avondale on 6th Ave South.

My new class suitable for beginners, but all levels welcome starts Monday at 10:30AM. We will continue every week. If this class is not perfect for you, please share it with anyone you think could benefit from it.

This class will be focused on the physical body. Stress relief for certain because most disease is caused from inflammation and stress, so this will be suitable for anyone under stress or with physical problems. Regular attendance will give you the tools to get your body into a healing state yourself on a daily basis.

We will focus on our breathe. Bringing oxygen into the system automatically reduces the stress response in the body, balances the endocrine system and when practiced on a daily basis will increase longevity.

You will be given techniques that you can take home with you to take your healing into your own hands. Click here to book your space. You do need to register, at least for your first class. To walk in and register please allow a few extra minutes before class. There is an intake form to make sure we understand your physical abilities/limitations and you have the best experience possible with anyone you work with here at Practice Works.

As always you will be tapping into your intuition more with this class and embodying your higher self in a way that you never knew possible.

I imagine I will be adding some more advanced classes and workshops in this location over the next few months. I plan to offer my Mothering class next spring here with my yoga partner Lori Ennis. We will be helping you break out of all your limiting perspectives on parenting allowing you to consciously parent from intuition and teaching you to honor the innate wisdom of your children so you can pick up on the cues of how they need to be parented to rise to be the best humans they can be.