Mandi Rae from Ecstatic Astrology and I are getting together in person (online options if you can’t be there for all 3 weeks) for a series on how to master the shift into the aquarian energy.  This is a 20 year cycle where we moved from Capricorn energy (hard work, up hill, creation by force energy) into Aquarius energy.  Aquarius is about freedom, community, creation with the heart and mind connection.  This is the kind of energy where action is required, but when the action is inspired it doesn’t take nearly as much effort and our efforts are more fruitful.  I will take that!

Below is what Mandi wrote about it

The series starts next Saturday January 16 and I am so looking forward to this.
2020 feels so dark but so necessary when looking back at it. And yes, we will do a little bit of looking back in order to look forward.
Aquarius is the sign of freedom and innovation and it also heralds the return of the sun as each day begins to get longer. I am equating it to what the renaissance must have felt like, uncomfortable yet exhilarating. This is why we felt this series would be valuable, to help focus on the places in life that we are experiencing the major shifts. I will share general info on the astrology of the times and also each person will get personal attention and explanations of your astrology charts so we can really work with it and Sheri will help us integrate all of it energetically.
We are very Covid-19 aware. This will be an in person series at @unitybhm , but distanced and outdoors weather permitting and limited to 10 people. If the weather is bad, we can go inside to the very large sanctuary, still keeping our distance, using essential oils in the air, an air purifier, sage and masks.
January 16, 30 and Feb 13. From 1:00 – 4:00 all three Saturdays. Online option available if you can’t be in person every week.
It is going to be so wonderful.
It is $180 for the series.
3 classes, 3 hours each.
The link to pay in full is below and in Insta bio. Contact me if you need to split the payments and we can work something out.