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The answer to that question is, only you can decide that.  This research took much longer than anticipated with a lot of conflicting information.  I did eventually find  the most toxic ingredients as well as the safest ones.  I will compare a few of my favorite brands, tell you difference between them and why I choose them based on the ingredients in them and their performance.

Every makeup line has a few common ingredients in foundation.  Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide have been used for years in liquid and powder makeup.  They have sunscreen ability as well as other benefits.  Iron oxides provide the colors in your makeup.  Those ingredients can be labeled organic, natural or not.  Just because something is derived from nature does not mean your body will like it is the first disclaimer.  Most of the warnings come when the particles are so small that they irritate your respiratory system and can be absorbed into the skin.  With the companies I am about to talk about I have none of those issues.

Your makeup choice should really depend on your health status and your reasons for wearing makeup.  This includes even the ones labeled as organic because by law you are able to include a few ingredients that are not organic and still label something as organic. Always look at the full ingredient list just like with your food.  I’ll be honest, I like to wear makeup and with all the health problems I have had due to chemical exposure, I have no problem wearing it when I use a conscious brand.

I have been using mineral makeup for most of my adulthood.  I like the way the powders look and feel on my face.  You can have liquid mineral makeup as well, but I hate the way that feels on my skin and there are more ingredients.  I had used bare minerals and other brands, but when I started this research a few years ago I did find that these top selling brands still use harsh chemicals that I am not comfortable using on my skin.

The two best foundation options I have tried are Jane Iredale (found in salons including Studio Red Salon) and Sheer Miracle makeup, an online company.  When you can’t or don’t use foundation products and you want just a bit of color on lips and cheeks Living Libations has the safest products on the market.

Sheer Miracle being an online company does a great thing with samples so you can find your shade and not buy full sized products that don’t work for your skin.  You can order a sample kit with a few colors to try for $7 with free shipping.  It comes surprisingly quick as well.  Then they offer you 20% off your fist order to make up the difference for paying for the samples.  They have a more minimalistic ingredient list as well.  So, if you are trying to keep your body as clean as possible for any health reason, then this is the product of choice for certain.  They perform well.  I also love the videos on how to use the makeup.  Click here to be directed to the website.

Jane Iredale calls itself the skincare makeup and I have found that to be true.  One of my good friends swears by it as well.  It is the only makeup she has been able to use for years due to rosacea.  It does have  two more ingredients (boron nitride and dimethicone) than you will find in sheer miracle.  If you can tolerate the extra ingredients Jane Iredale has a glide and finish that just looks better.  It stays all day as well.  I love the kits they have put together for ease in finding what works for your personal skin color.  I love the single color choices as well.  I am blending a lovely purple into my eyeshadow lately.  I haven’t used color on my eyes in years and it is so fun to play with.  The eye liner does not smudge, even if your eyelids are aging.  This makeup does also have extra delightful ingredients that are good for your skin like seaweed, pine bark and pomegranate extract that do offer skin care.

Studio Red Salon located at 1011 Edenton Street Birmingham, AL will offer 10% off any Jane Iredale purchase if you mention you discovered it on this blog.  Be sure to call ahead if you want help to make sure we have time to talk to you about it and try it on. (205) 991-2099.  Barbara, the owner, is usually available and is knowledgeable about application and colors.

I love the pink cream concealers that both these companies offer.  I think I love the sheer miracle one more, but Jane has a ton of colors to choose from and depending on your skin tone, that could be helpful.  I have had dark circles my entire life, but switching my diet to gluten and dairy free I realize my circles are not as dark.  Usually just using the same powder I put on my whole face with a smaller brush to concentrate it is enough to cover any circles, but for special occasions or when I have a bit more time I do find that I am using concealer for a more finished and slightly brighter look.

Now I must give my favorite of all time essential oil company, Living Libations, a shout out as well.  They do not have concealer or foundation, but they do have a blushing balm that can be used on cheeks or lips with absolutely no questionable ingredients.  Period.  All made from essential oils and seabuckthorn berry and other pure ingredients like beeswax from their own bee hives.  It smells great, goes on smoothly and is easy to blend.  I love it.  They also have one more product with color that I have never tried, but I have never tried anything from them that I did not like.  I would recommend any product they  make.  Click here to visit Living Libations site.

Please tell me what makeup you use that is good for your skin and has great results.  I’m always interested in new stuff.