Welcome to the the Moving Through Change program!

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I am delighted to walk through this with you.  I am positive if you stay immersed in this energy for the next 6 weeks you will function differently.  Your intuition will be enhanced.  You will have motivation and a renewed sense of excitement about life.

Below is program introduction in the 2 formats that you will be able to use with the program with (you’ll need to be logged in to see them).  They are from the exact same recording session, but depending on your device or how you absorb information you may choose to listen only with the m4a (functions as mp3) or you may wish to watch the video.

[membership] I apologize for the sound quality on this one.  It will be improved by the start of the course.



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Go get that pen and paper and start creating.  Can’t wait to see how you have changed in 6 weeks.

Love and star dust to you,