Do you know that moment when the universe just pushes you into something that you had no idea was going to happen?  When the universe wants to give you a gift that you didn’t ask for or that the answer doesn’t look like you thought it would.  Do you trust the universe when that happens? or do you reconsider, maybe you think that was just your mind and not the universe at all?  Do you second guess and just keep things status quo?

In late September I was given a gift.  My husband talked me into going on a spiritual journey to Tunisia.  I knew I wanted to go, but thought there was no way… it was too extravagant.  However, when he made me a deal to not  go someplace else and allow him to send me here, I  obliged.  And how happy I am that I did.

I was so excited for the two weeks leading up to this trip, but the Monday I was supposed to leave the country I woke up to the first thought in my head, “maybe I should not go?”  I was filled with fear.

First of all, who goes to Africa with only 16 days notice?  What was I thinking?!

Now, I am a world traveler.  I am very blessed like that.  (and I had to walk through a lot of fear to get me to that point) And it wasn’t the travel by myself that I was scared of.  It wasn’t the 9 other people going that I had never met.  I had no idea what I was afraid of.  I sweat all day.  I battled this irrational fear all day.  Thank goodness I know in my heart of hearts that something scary or different is what stretches us.  No growth comes from doing the same things, being with the same people and playing it safe.

I realized it was the expansion that scared me.  How would this trip change me?  If I am already too much energy for the average person, how could I get any bigger?  Who would accept me then?  But, I am very practiced at walking through my fear.  So I got on that pane and walked into the biggest energetically opening week of my life so far.

Everything I have lived in this life to this point brought me here.  (and I am not done, yay!)

Stay tuned for the words to describe what has happened in me.  Al I know right now is there is more joy and more love.  I know that darkness is nothing to be scared of, but to be embraced.  I know I have more to offer my loved ones, my friends and my clients – if they want it.  I know I am here to serve.  And I have a greater need to spread the love than I did before.

Are you willing to walk through your fear and be the expansion and love you were always meant to be?    Please say “yes!”

There is only one step.  Just walk through it.  Walk through the fear and you will realize there was nothing to be afraid of.  Expansion is sometimes uncomfortable, but it is worth it.

If you have been asking the universe for something and it is not showing up, think about it, where is the universe giving you opportunity that you are not jumping on?  Why wait?  There is no better time than now.