I am sorry I have been quiet most of the month. It turns out I do love sharing with you all this way. However, I am in the process once again of moving. We are moving back to Birmingham, AL! I love the neighborhood we lived in. I love the school system for my son. Pretty much love everything about Birmingham. The botanical gardens are beautiful, free and easy to get to. There are two of them. There is less cellular static in the air because it is less populated, but it has everything to offer that we use here in Atlanta. Plus we are only a short drive to Atlanta and I am certain we will be back here regularly to see family, friends and clients.

However, this move is disrupting my flow in getting material out to you all to support your shifts and growth in this super potent energy that we are experiencing lately. And I am sorry about that. I love hearing from you all after I have sent out a recording. I know I will get back in the flow of contributing to you regularly once we are settled in July. I have a feeling I will change things up in some way. I am not certain exactly how, but I felt that blankness in me that suggests I am shifting my energy more than I know in this moment. I now feel the excitement that rolls out something new and special. It just hasn’t completely formulated yet.

This memorial weekend my son and I came down with friends to Laguna Beach in Florida. This is exactly where the tropical storm made landfall. I have to say, it was not terribly dangerous here unless you got in the water, otherwise it was just wind and rain. But the energy of a storm really is good for my body and my energy field. So, I really enjoyed being here for it. Today was beautiful, still too rough to go in the water, but sunny and windy. My favorite for clearing all kinds of energetic debris from the body and energy field.

Since I don’t have any recorded meditations, I decided to record a bit of the wave and wind sound for you. You can use this to breathe and meditate to if you like. Just slow your breath, close your eyes or watch the waves and imagine yourself here.

I will leave you with this today.

I love you all.
There are massive shifts going on in the atmosphere right now. We ARE in a time of change and growth and huge potential for dramatic shifts in consciousness.
Every single one of you has the ability to be a conscious creator.
Watch your mind, allow yourself to feel everything that comes up. Know every emotion and thought may not be your own, but old stagnant energy that you might be moving for the collective and love the part of you that is uncomfortable with any thought or emotion.
Then choose to know you are a creator.
Journal when you are feeling confused. It helps so much!
Spend time in nature as much as possible.
Enjoy the rain. Enjoy the sun. Whatever you get, find the love in it.
I will see you all again soon!

I have a few more open spots for energy work next week if you feel you could use some support with your thoughts, your emotions, your inner child (which has been speaking very loudly as of late if you have not done the inner child work before) or just your energy. I will be in Birmingham from Sunday June 3 until afternoon on Friday June 8.
I am happy to do sessions over zoom at any time.
Regular classes going on in B’ham this Sunday the 3rd at 4:30 and Monday June 4th at 6pm. Both at Conscious Body Healing Arts. I won’t be back in Birmingham after that until 4th of July week when we move. I will have soup class dates for July and August posted after the 4th.