In my last issue I covered why everyone should consider chiropractic care.  In this article I write about how Dr. Kathryn Lawson takes chiropractic care and elevates it to a whole other level of healing.

Dr. Kathryn Lawson’s style of chiropractic care is not conventional. A few years after graduating Life chiropractic college she found the BEST method of chiropractic care from a friend of hers that had gone to school with her.  BEST stands for Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique.   All chiropractic care is energy work, but if you only treat the spine, you miss an intricate piece of the puzzle.  The BEST method finds and relieves the interference in the organs  first and that makes the spinal adjustments easier and possibly longer lasting.

Every part of the musculoskeletal system corresponds to an organ.  So, using the Best technique the practitioner is first treating the organ and the original emotion that disturbed the organ in the first place.  I have to say that I love this method because you don’t have to know why all the emotions are there in order for them to release.

I met Dr Kathryn when I was suffering unexplainable pain and exhaustion.  She helped me get to the bottom of my problem and left me feeling lighter and gave my body the ability to heal at a deeper level.  I am so grateful for her and the style of chiropractic care she practices.  I have been seeing chiropractors since I was 8 years old. No one had ever had me flipping from my front to my back, moving my eyes, breathing in various patterns and saying what seemed like random words and numbers before my adjustments.

The theory behind all of this is that the body was created to survive.  Under extreme stress the body does not need the organs to function properly in that moment.  What the body needs is muscles and reflexes that work quickly to honor the fight or flight response.  What people need to understand is that the stress of sitting in traffic, picking up the kids on time, work deadlines and past trauma that are energetically trapped in the body are no different to the body than the tiger or bear that threatened your life years ago. This is why the BEST system works so well.  It gets to the source of the problem, clears it, balances the systems of the body and then the spinal adjustment creates a more relaxed and healing environment for the body.

People age more quickly when they live in sympathetic mode.  The BEST method gets you out of defense mode or sympathetic mode and moves you into parasympathetic. is where you will find her website with a lot more information about her technique and her practice.

Her physical location is at on · 1431C McClendon Dr, Decatur, GA 30033 ·

Dr Katheryn’s phone number is 770.939.117710915031_10206213879525209_8672533175724087529_o