We have all heard the phrase that each of us is a divine being living in a human body. But how can that be possible when we feel so utterly human, imperfect and unworthy?

Our true nature is of love and beauty and creation. However, our DNA is encoded with trauma. In the simplest explanation the trauma makes us feel separate from source.

It has been proven with holocaust survivors that the trauma they faced had been passed down to their descendants. I think it is just the same for the perpetrators of crimes though, because that is also separation. That leads to guilt, remorse, depression.

The church has said that every person is born with a sinful nature. That idea makes us feel wrong and bad from the beginning. The science behind the DNA trauma makes much more sense to me and is far more empowering because we can heal this making it easier to choose a better choice.

So take a big deep breathe and forgive yourself for the big and small mistakes you have made throughout your life. It is not your fault you were inclined to darker or messier things from time to time. But it is your responsibility to not allow those mistakes to rule you.

We must love and have compassion for ourselves in our darker moments. Love the part of us that is in fear. Love the part of us that has felt jealous, or like there was/we were not enough. We must love our ancestors and have compassion for their fear and scarcity mentality. And if we can’t do that ourselves, we can ask our higher self to come through us to love all of that. And then feel your way into the softness that creates.