This has been a very trying week for many people.  I was out of the country last week with no real access to the internet and I found myself in some very weird places energetically.  Full of self doubt mostly.  That is not normally my thing these days.  When I got back I found out many of my friends who have also been on this journey of self love and exploration for a long time were feeling the same.

When I got back into work, most all of my clients in group classes and private sessions were feeling very funky.  It took much longer than usually for all of us to wade through the muck to get to the place of freedom from all those dark and dense places we found in ourselves.  So very happy to know it was not just me, and they were very happy to find that it was not just them.  We are in this together.

The dense and dark places are few and far between for me the last few years, but it still occurs and that is part of the evolutionary process.  You see, trauma is stored in the DNA.  And even if you have processed your fair share of emotions that you have dealt with in your life, there is still a moving and changing of the DNA.  What I know is, it is so very worth the time and energy it takes to do this.  And we don’t really have a choice.  We can process these things in a conscious way with intention or we can numb ourselves to the pain and it is still going to happen and it is going to miserable much longer.

Typically, I can process things in the moment, or within a day.  This time it took a few days.  We are having a solar storm that is throwing great quantities of magnetic energy around the planet and NASA has proven that has a physical effect on the body.  If we go through these time with awareness, we don’t have to get caught in the story of the emotion that triggered the release of these energies, and the process is smoother and a little more graceful.  This one was bigger and things took a little longer, but now I am feeling light, optimistic and very present.  I have so much gratitude for all that is happening in my body and around the world with the evolution of consciousness and I am excited to be a part of it.

If you are stuck in the mud, please watch this video and allow the process of feeling the emotions, without judgement, writing out the story or talking to friend to relieve yourself from you story to get it out of your mind and then watching these energies move from your body.

So very much love in these transformational phases

Sheri  XO