If you  had indigestion and jaw pain, Would you think, “Maybe I’m having a heart attack?”
Well, these are only 2 of the unique symptoms a women may experience when having a heart attack.  Women’s symptoms can be very different from men’s symptoms.
Last week I sat down with Dr. Farah Sultan at Vitalogy Wellness Center.  We had a great chat about our passion for getting the word out. Feeling energetic and happy is possible at any age.  Dr Sultan is a medical doctor who specialize and practices functional , integrative and regenerative medicine so you are healed instead of being turned into a customer of the drug companies for the rest of your life while still not feeling your best.
Since February is heart disease awareness month we decided our first article together should be about heart disease.  We plan to do a series of articles because I love Dr Sultan’s medical approach and I feel her clinic has more to offer than I could get across in one short article.
First I am going to give you the low down on signs and symptoms of heart disease for women.  And what to do about them.  Then at the end I want to share with you a bit more about Dr. Sultan’s clinic.  They offer a wide range of services for your health, wellness and beauty.
Some symptoms that you may experience if you are having a heart attack.
Shortness of breath
Heart burn or indigestion
Left arm pain or tingling
Jaw and neck pain
Chest tightness
I know many of these seem very general and many women don’t associate them with heart attacks.  Many women think this is a way of life.  That is why heart attacks are the leading cause of death for women.  The 2013 data shows heart disease is the #1 killer in women of all races in America   So, please if you are having more than one of these symptoms, get checked out.
Risk factors include
Having a mid section that is wider than your hips –  pear shaped body
High blood sugar
High blood pressure
Smoking –  breathing second hand smoke for years
Stress –  We live in a modern world and everyone has some
Family history
Lifestyle –   This includes inactivity and diet
 5 ways to prevent heart attacks
1.  Exercise
2.  Eat heart healthy foods –  Cut out packaged and processed foods.  Eat more nuts and fruits and veggies
3.  Avoid sugar – especially in your beverages
4.  Quit smoking
5.  Laugh more – Go see your friends who make you laugh,  watch funny movies or try laughter yoga
5 ways to relieve stress
1.  Yoga
2.  Meditation – My opt in offer to this blog has a great article about meditation (it is not necessarily what you think) and two recorded meditations.
3.  Journaling – Writing about your thoughts and feelings, especially if you don’t talk about them, gets them out of your head and calms your body.
4.  Deep breathing – for several minutes on purpose.  Breath work classes are also great.  The purpose is to get more oxygen into your system and use more of your lungs than you normally do.  See if you can bring the breath down into your belly.  Then see if you can make your ribs expand outward.  Bring the breath down your back.  It also helps to think loving thoughts about yourself while you do this.
5.  Gratitude – A gratitude practice is amazing at focusing on your blessings and that reduces stress.  Get a pad of paper or journal and every day write down 3-5 things that you can be grateful for.  Even it is the same things every day, it helps, and if your heart is in it you will start to think of new things to be grateful for.
If after reading this article you feel moved to get to a cardiologist or even just your regular doctor, please do so quickly.  Dr Sultan and her team are also available to help with creating a plan for you if you need help to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.  Here is the link to her webiste.
Dr Sultan has created a beautiful wellness center to aide with all aspects of health and beauty.  She has massage therapists, estheticians and nurse practitioners to help her help you.  They can really help you create more vitality in your body and your life.
Dr. Sultan has weight loss programs with ongoing support.  They have a yoga studio with personal trainers at the center.  She has brought in a new RN who can administer the Meyer’s cocktail, which is an intravenous vitamin mixture that people might need if they cannot absorb vitamins on their own or are just extremely depleted.  She is more knowledgable about foods and how to use them as medicine than your typical medical doctor.  She has Vanquish fat burning machines as well for permanent fat loss around the abdomen.
Vitalogy wellness center will also help you balance your thyroid and adrenals.  Dr. Sultan uses bioidentical hormones if you need some support in that area.  You may use insurance for all of your blood tests that she might need in order to create your best possible plan to health and wellness.
Her estheticians use only the best products with the healthiest possible ingredients.  They have Protege skin tightening equipment as well.
We plan to do more articles to cover more health issues and more of her services.  There is too much going on there to cover in this piece.  Plus, I need to know more about these fat burning and skin tightening equipment and once I know more, I will share it with you.  Stay tuned.
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