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Is there a healthy option for hair color?

Yes, there is, and I have found it!  I gave up being a hairstylist 3 years ago because I had become allergic to the ammonia and PPD in hair color.  I used every alternative hair color that was on the market at that time.  Those hair colors gave me 2 extra years working as a hairstylist.  Eventually I had to give it up though because my body just could not take it any more.  In order to color grey hair at the time you had to use the chemical PPD which was killing people who were allergic to it.  Clairol, L’oreal and other companies were paying off the Americans who sued those companies and made them sign disclosures not to discuss the lawsuits in order to cover up the toxicity of these ingredients.  In Europe law suits are not as common and it was in the papers everywhere.  These chemicals are still being used in every other salon in Alabama.  Studio Red Salon is the only salon using this organic hair color.

A few months ago I heard of a salon who was using organic products for the health of their hairstylists and customers.  I was skeptical, but I visited the salon anyway hoping to cover it for the blog as a healthier option for those of us interested in looking great and being exposed to fewer chemicals.  I was surprised that after 3o minutes in the salon I had no reaction.  I was more surprised that when they allowed me to into the dispensary (where they mixed hair color) I still had no reaction whatsoever.  Eventually they allowed me to open bottles and put my nose right in them.  Still no reaction.  I was even more surprised when I saw what the color could do.  It is beautiful, shiny, has lifting (lightening) capability and covers grey like all the major professional brands with as much color choice as I am used to.  It is the best of both worlds, beautiful and healthy.

Long story short, I took a job as a hairstylist starting Saturday August 15.  Studio Red Salon is located behind Home Depot off of Hwy 280 in Birmingham, in a community called Edenton.   I would like to offer anyone who comes in to see me, Sheri Bagwell,  30% off on their entire first visit for the month of August.  I will be working 3 days per week and I am so excited to share my love and talent for color and beauty with anyone who would like to try this fantastic product, or even just get a haircut.  If you care about what you put in your body, you should care about what you put on your body because your skin is the largest organ you have and it absorbs everything you put on it.  I will be doing more in-depth articles about the color and the other products used at the salon as I work with them more.

The salon is beautiful.  The staff is delightful and friendly.  The environment smells clean.  You will not even know they are doing nails there.  It is amazing and exciting.

Don’t worry, I am not giving up energy work.  I will still be doing private sessions here in Birmingham 2 days per week and I will be driving to Atlanta once a month to keep up my work/play there.  I plan on at least one monthly mediation at villager yoga as well.  Now I have two careers that feed my whole me. I get to feed my artistic self with haircuts and color.  I get to feed my social self via contact with more people and I get to feed my soul by sharing meditation and energy work with the people who are drawn to that.  What a beautiful world and how loved I feel by the universe for allowing all the aspects of me to feel fulfilled once again.

Please call the salon today to set up your appointment for haircut and/or color.  Don’t forget to tell them you read about the salon on the blog and that you would like an appointment with Sheri.

Studio Red Salon (205)991-2099

1011 Edenton Street

Birmingham Al 35242

For energy work please call me personally (770)235-7599 or email me at sheribagwell@me.com