Natural deodorants that actually work?

In case you haven’t heard all the detrimental things they say about commercial deodorant.  The main ingredients are proven to be linked to breast cancer and dementia.  There is a debate about that of corse, but I never really care what the makers of the products say.  My body is so sensitive that any time I have to opportunity to remove harsh chemicals from my system, I do it.

I don’t mind telling you (kind of anyway) that I am a stinky girl when I get stressed or eat the wrong things.  I have tried many natural products with mostly poor results.  Many are sticky or chalky, uncomfortable to put on, leave residue on your clothes and/or don’t hold up to an hours worth of activity, much less a whole day. I have found two products that work beautifully.  Do you want to know what they are?

The first product I found that actually worked is kind of expensive, but it smells so good that every time I would get a pulse of adrenaline that would normally produce an odor, people would tell me “you smell so good”.  Living Libations is my favorite of all time essential oil company making the best natural products that work as well, if not better, than the commercial ones.  Nadine uses the highest quality essential oils that I have ever had the pleasure of using. She calls her deodorant line Poetic Pits! The first scent I tried was the rose glow  and the second scent I tried was the tree majesty scent.  It is a small bottle, but you only need one or two swipes.  Click here to see her selection  They work for nearly 24 hours and mix with your own smell to create a uniquely you scent with no icky residue, nothing to ruin your clothes.  Just good smelling all day long

I also love’ s deodorants.  They fit the bill for no residue, no clothing ruined and my husband actually teased about the fact he could spray, rub under his arm and still snap his fingers!  It is half the price of poetic pits from living libations.  We have tried bergamot sage and vetiver.  The vetiver is very tree and earth smelling, a bit manly, but I love it.  Bergamot and sage is very clean and crisp and I love this one as well.  It works for at least 8 hours and has such a nice feel to it that if you need to spray again in the afternoon or evening without showering you will still feel fresh and clean and smell great another 6+ hours after that.  I like all of the other products I have tried from then so here is a link that gives you $10 off a bundle of 5 products.  The other products I tried are sunscreen, hand soap, shower gel and bug spray.  These all work so well I plan to try the laundry products next time.  All of these are nontoxic and a much better alternative that the big brands.

So, if you are still using pore clogging, cancer causing, mind numbing commercial deodorant please click one of these links to have better option that works delivered right to your door.

Cheers to a pleasant smell and a healthier body!

Be sure to let me know if you have a favorite natural deodorant that works in the comments section below.  I always want to know about natural products made with the health of your body and the planet in mind.