If you are feeling raw and emotional in your woman’s body this week, I am offering 2 pop up classes this month to help. I need at least 5 women registered in each class to actually make this happen. We will limit the number at 10 to keep the space safe and intimate.

If you have heard that LOVE is how we heal the world – and you believe the world needs healing – how do we do that in the midst of all this oppression and anger?
… We start within

Since the decisions made by the state this week, it seems all we see is anger and pain from one side and smugness for their win on the other side.

I have found recently that as I healed my inner wounds around being a woman and the sexual trauma in this lifetime, I have more compassion for myself and for others. Even the ones who seem to be causing our pain.

Let me be clear, I am not excusing bad behavior. I am loving all the hurt places inside myself that feel opposite than or even a bit like our perpetrators and as I heal those parts, naturally I am less reactive. I hold my center. I am more stable, even when I am angry or frustrated.

How does this help? It makes me a better advocate. It gets me closer to my intuition. It helps me take inspired action so I can be more effective in my endeavors.

As we heal our trauma, we will find more peace in our bodies.
Our outer world must reflect our inner world.
I won’t lie, it is a process.

We can’t go straight from Anger and fear all the way to love in one sitting, but we can make our way from anger and fear closer to neutrality. That is why we must start the process sooner rather than later.

We will start with a few minutes of grounding, move into conversation about your fears, your experiences and what specific aspects in you that need healing. Then move into meditation and healing those wounded aspects of you to bring you more strength and calm.

The two options for this class are Monday May 20 6:00-7:30 and Wednesday May 29 6:30-8:00

I know it is short notice for the Monday session, which is why I am putting a time limit on this. I need 5 people to commit by noon on Sunday to keep the class time open for this Monday May 20.

Class is $25 I need you to sign up in advance. Venmo me sheri-bagwell-1 or go to PayPal.me/sheribagwell to save your space. Please indicate which class you want to attend.

This will happen at Practice Works 3613 6th Ave south Birmingham, AL

You can come to one class or both. I know May is a difficult month, so if you can’t make these classes, and you are interested in more. Please let me know.