Grief is up in the air

It is an interesting time for grief to be up in the air. I do notice certain trends in energy and what people deal with. Over the last few weeks in group classes and in private sessions I have noticed grief making itself known.

In different people it shows up differently. Some people are grieving parts of themselves they have given up, like the magical or the playful parts because they think there is no room for that. I can tell you those parts of you want to be known again.

Some people are grieving loved ones they think about more during the holidays and the parts of themselves that have to fall away naturally, and some people are grieving parts of themselves they are intentionally leaving behind, like relationships and jobs and older versions of themselves they just don’t resonate with any more.

It doesn’t really matter what the cause of the grief. (Unless it is a fresh loss of a loved one, be real. That is just painful). We can still sit with it and learn from it and release it from the body.

Allow yourself to know that whatever you are grieving, spend the appropriate time for you on that. Then allow whatever wants to take its place – to take its place with joy and with love.

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