Hello there! It has been quite a while since I have been able to connect you with this way. I have moved. Everything is unpacked and most everything on the walls. (it is only most because something fell down over night!) My son started middle school today and I feel I am ready to get back to work supporting you all.

Here is a little video to help you with unreasonable expectations and a little bit of information about what I have going on.  There is more written below to get you excited.

8-10 video expectations:mompromotion from Sheri Bagwell on Vimeo.

While I was being silent this summer I have been creating a Mothering series that will take place this fall. It will be a six week course to help empower and enlighten you. It will help you become more calm, intuitive, confident, and communicative with your children. It is designed to break the patterns that cause chaos in the family allowing YOU to create a flow with love and flexibility.

I have also been talking to some yoga instructors to design some collaborative classes to enhance self love and self care. There is so much good stuff in the works I can’t wait to share with you. As soon as I have dates and locations, I will get everything to you.

Now that I am full time in Birmingham I do have time to take more private sessions. I am offering a discount if you have been on the fence about having one, now is the time to schedule. Normally sessions are $99. If you book before the end of August and you have never had a private session with me, I am offering $22 off.

I plan to continue my Sunday class for advanced students every other week. I will create a weekly Monday evening class open to anyone. I have also decided to make those a bit more structured and conversational with themes designed in advance. Let me know if you want to meditate and move energy on any specific topics.

I also have a secret project that I am working on with Je’don Holloway Tally from Life Culture People and who is also a contributor for the Birmingham Times in the works. I haven’t quite decided how to talk about yet. But I am excited and look forward to sharing soon.

I am so happy to be back where I feel completely at home and I am ready to serve my community. As well as offer some online sessions through Zoom to serve any other person or place in the world.