There is a notion that it is time to abandon. When tensions are heightened, when seeming tragedy strikes, we tend to pray to a god outside ourselves. Please help me, fix me, save me from this… Completely denying ourselves our sovereign nature.

What if every tragedy you faced was an opportunity to embody the love of the creative universe and take your power back by just grounding yourself and asking yourself, How can I BE with this or interact with this situation to experience profound growth? What can I learn? What new choice can I make?

In Sunday school class and church services they would speak of Jesus living in your heart. But then they would confuse you by talking about punishment and hell and judgmental things that took Jesus right out of your heart and created this idea of some bearded dude in the sky who was a “jealous” god that was disappointed in you when you were down – instead of loving you back to the knowing that you ARE love and creation itself.

Let me be clear, I love Jesus. He was real and he is still awesome. We are good friends. I also know there are many good churches out there that speak more of the love of Jesus than the judgmental churches of the past. However, we have to talk about some of the damage the church has caused to free ourselves from it.

God is not judgmental. There is no such thing as sin. There are consequences to our actions, but that comes from laws of science and nature, not from a force outside ourselves that wants to punish us.

The idea that man was born with a sinful nature is misleading. What we know now that we didn’t know then is that trauma has been passed down in our our DNA, which leads to a feeling that we are separate from source.

When your ancestors went hungry and suffered scarcity, it can lead to fear. When your ancestors have been imprisoned and abused it leads to feelings like “I am not enough” or “there is not enough”. When your ancestors were the ones holding slaves and handing out abuse, that leads to guilt and shame.

All these things create a blindness to our own patterns or our actions in this modern life.

What do we do about all this?

We relax our DNA. When we realize this has been controlling us subconsciously, it helps us automatically begin the process of untangling ourselves from our ancestors trauma. And we can heal our DNA and connect with the wisdom that was also handed down but was buried deep within.

By loving ourselves. We send love to the parts of ourselves who feel these things. We love the parts of ourselves who hate these underlying feelings. We sit with the feelings without judgment of the sadness, the grief, the scarcity, the unworthiness, especially the feeling of being separate from source. We allow ourselves to be human in all its messiness.

Then those feelings, gradually at first, start to dissipate and dissolve. Then we might notice when and where we have been acting unconsciously. Then we start taking different actions. We start to be more loving not only with ourselves, but with others. We start living a more compassionate life, we become more fulfilled. Sustainable joy appears.

We become whole. We realize our connection with everything. We realize we do have the capacity to create a body and life we love. We are sovereign.

Please don’t wait for a tragedy to get to know yourself. Please start now. It is a process.