Today I thought I would tell you about something I offer.  I facilitate Flowing Breathe and Energy meditation.  I created this style of meditation several years ago combining all my favorite ways to get out of my head and connect into my body or with spirit.  And it is easy.

I offer a class every first Monday of the month at Elements Float Spa in Birmingham.    I am also available to come to your space in Atlanta or Birmingham and you can invite your friends.  We are planning a meditation to energetically prepare for the holidays.  (More to come about elements float spa, I love that place)

I used to go regularly to breath work class and loved that.  I also love energy work.  Having to concentrate on your breath gets you out of your mind and moving energy in your body gets you more connected to it.  We all want to be more in touch with our body and recognize when it is trying to get our attention or communicate with us.  Our body is so much more connected to spirit than our mind is typically, and learning to pay attention to the body in the big and small things in life helps our life flow more smoothly.  When you meditate and learn the way it feels to have energy moving though it you become more in tune to your body all day long.  This helps you stay in a connected space throughout your day making decisions is easier and your day flows better.

This one hour meditation class is for everyone regardless of your level of experience.  I will help soothe you into a meditative state using your breath. I will guide you to consciously move energy through your body and quiet your mind with ease.  We will end the meditation with a few minutes of silence.  There will be a short period of time afterward for conversation if you want to share your experience or learn about others.  You will want to wear comfortable clothes and will be encouraged to lie down on a yoga mat. If that is not possible for you, you may sit in a chair. If you come to Villager Yoga, you may use any of the props we have at the studio to make yourself comfortable or you may bring your own.

Meditation, breath work and energy work are the easiest ways to reduce stress and anxiety in the body, clear your mind and connect with your spirit.  In this class I have combined them all to give you the tools to lead yourself into complete health, wellness and connection.  In this class you will find that you get what you need.  Everyone’s experience will be different.  You will leave feeling relaxed and calm if that is what you need.  You will leave with a renewed sense of energy and vitality if that is what you need.