Non Toxic Hand Cleaner

photo by Iain Bagwell

3 reasons to use essential oils

  1. To rebalance your body naturally without negative side effects
  2. To avoid using chemicals
  3. To uplift your spirits

All of these things are interconnected.  Read on to find out how.

You can use essential oils for almost everything.  They helped me save myself from a hysterectomy.  I avoid chemicals by using them to clean my house, in my skin care and deodorant.  They smell good and induce happiness, help you sleep or wake you up.  They can kill germs in the air, on surfaces or on your hands.  Do you know how good you feel when you take a walk in the woods or flower garden?  They will help bring the outdoors inside by breathing in the same essential oils you smell when you are outside in fresh air and lately with all this rain I do like that.  The list is endless and throughout the next few weeks and months I will be sharing recipes and retail products that will allow you to switch out your chemically laden products with healthier options.

It is important to know how and why essential oils work.  Anything that you breath in through your nose goes into the hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal glands.  This is the trio of glands that is located behind your third eye.   This trio of glands is the control center for your entire hormonal system.  By smelling them, they have the capacity to rebalance your endocrine system and lift your spirits.  The opposite is true of chemicals.  When you smell them, the vapors rise to the same center in the brain where the chemicals have the capacity to create havoc with those glands and imbalance your system.

Here is a great article that goes more in depth about what I have just described above.  It also talks about the effect essential oils have on the brain.

Young Living essential oils and Living Libations are my two favorite brands.  I am an affiliate for both of these companies.  Living Libations is my favorite for skin care products.  Nadine makes the best because she uses more different carrier oils of the highest quality.  She mixes so many things together and gets her products to feel and function like the chemical stuff without the chemicals. One of my favorites is her vitamin D face cream.  It functions better than a supplement because the vitamin D comes in through the skin like it was designed to.  Her oils are more expensive to buy individually than Young Living and that is why I go to Young Living for my single oils or blends that I want to put on my body or in the air that my family breathes.   Both of these brands I trust with my health.  I can feel the quality in my hands and in my soul when I touch them and smell them.  The other big brands that you can buy even at whole foods and other health food stores are better than not using EO’s, but they are cheaper and are available in larger quantities all year round because they are using some chemicals to extract more oil, and if you are using EO’s to get away from chemicals, it is best to use the cleanest brands.

Here is an article in InStyle magazine about a few young living brand essential oils.

There is a some caution to take into consideration when using them for health reasons.  So please consult with someone who understands that.  I am not a doctor, but I have a great understanding of how to use the oils.  Here are some examples of how I got started using oils and the impact they have had on my life.

Please contact me if you would like help in choosing your oils or if you would like to become a young living member and save 20% on all of your oil purchases.

Clary sage oil is the first oil that I started using that helped me avoid a hysterectomy.  It is a very misunderstood oil.  Some people say to stay away from it because it acts like an estrogen, and most of our female problems in this modern age are due to estrogen dominance.  However, I had one of the worst cases of endometriosis (estrogen dominant disease) out there and was recommended to have a hysterectomy in my very early 30’s.  I used clary sage around my ankles 2-3 times every day to balance my hormones.  It may act like an estrogen in some circumstances, but it can also release fake estrogens from your system.  You will find fake estrogens in skin and hair care products as well as other chemicals.  It will help with the hormonal headache or migraine, pms, pmdd and other hormone imbalance symptoms.   The caution for clary sage is that combined with alcohol it creates a narcotic effect.  This means your tolerance to alcohol will reduce and you may become dizzy.

When clary sage worked so well I moved on to eucalyptus essential oil.  I knew what eucalyptus does because of Vicks vapor rub and cough drops.  I found that if you put 1 drop of eucalyptus on your big toe or base of all your toes when your nose is so stuffed you can not breathe it will loosen that congestion and help you breathe within seconds.  You can use this oil as often as you like.  You can also put a few drops in a jar with epsom salts and shake the jar, open it and smell any time you need to breathe better.  You may add a few drops to olive oil and rub on your chest or feet and leave it for a Vick’s vapor rub effect without the petroleum.  You can use it in a diffuser or put in a bowl of steaming water and put your head over it with a towel over you head and breathe deep for sinuses and lungs.

Lavender is probably the most popular essential oil in modern times.  It is the safest to use.  It has a ton of uses as well.  You can drop it on your pillow to sleep better.  Put it in a diffuser for sleep or anxiety or just to smell nice.  You can use it to clean with or soften a scent of oil that is too strong for you.  It is good for muscles, acne and almost every other skin irritation especially burns.  It is an oil you can use “neat” which means it does not have to be diluted.  Lavender and tea tree oil speed the healing process for the skin.

Tea tree oil is another one you can use neat.  I use it to make hand sanitizer combined with lavender to soften the smell and add soothing benefits.  It is great for fungus related skin conditions.  It is essential  for cleaning.  I add it to my washing machine when I have towels to wash that have been sitting wet for a while and smell funky.  It can be used for acne and cuts.  It is antibacterial, anti fungal and boosts the immune system.  It is safe to be used for babies and have heard people make baby wipes for infants also in combination with lavender which is a great idea.

All the citrus oils are great for happiness and cleaning.  You must be cautious when you put them on the skin and get in the sun.  They will make your skin burn.  They are great in a diffuser.

I love evergreen essence to uplift my spirits, make me feel connected to the earth and to spirit.  It smells just like being in the woods.

All essential oils are good for stress.  I think it is important to like the smell you are smelling.

I love the diffusers that came out a few years ago.  You add water and a few drops of your essential oil for a fine mist released into the air with your favorite scent.  There is a vibration that occurs that helps to clean the air.

Please contact me if you would like help in choosing your oils or if you would like to become a young living member and save 20% on all of your oil purchases.

Here is a link to a video that outlines what the benefits are of becoming a young living member

In the comments section ask me any questions about essential oils or let me know what your favorite essential oils are and how you use them.