I thought I was finished with this series for now. I knew it would continue eventually, but for February, I thought we were finished. Then, today I got up and surprised myself.

As I looked in the mirror at myself, as I have started to do every morning now for just a few seconds, just making a connection. (This does deepen my connection for the entire day) I knew I had something that wanted to come through. And I remembered, even though I thought I was finished with the series, I made no sign off. I, on some level, knew I was not finished yet.

I was not sure what wanted to come out, but as I got my computer and started to record, it became clear. We just needed to deepen the connection. And I needed to get clear with you what the results would be if you really did this work. If you were as committed as I am, to knowing and loving yourself deeply, what the results would be.

What I have found this month as I have taken this practice of loving myself deeper, is a strength and resolved that I only relied on in very turbulent times before. I found clarity and passion. I found that I have more motivation than I have had in years. I found wisdom and energy. I found me at a deeper level than what I have experienced. It is wonderful.

And if you haven’t done the homework from the first two weeks, that is alright. Go ahead and watch this one and the one from last week until you have the strength and desire to start doing that looking deep into your own eyes and loving everything you find there.

I have enjoyed putting this little series together for you. I have enjoyed spending the extra time with me to make this happen. I will create a program around this and around judgement of self, so stay connected so you can be the first to know about it. I will also create a little series around finding freedom in human constraints soon, as I suggested in the video. I am not sure which one will come first, but like I said, there is no end to the energy that wants to come in through me and I love to share it.

Please share these videos with your friends who are interested and the ones who could get to know themselves better. This is how we make a better world, by starting with us.