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Could happiness and digestive health be related?

There is much talk about this in the holistic community lately and I have found for myself, my friends and my clients that, yes, it is true.  These two are related.

Most people do not give enough credit to their digestive track regardless of whether they are sick or healthy.  It is connected intricately to EVERY part of our body.  It is responsible for keeping our body and brain healthy and eliminating toxins.

Some research scientists believe that depression is inflammation of the brain.  When the digestive track is inflamed, then your brain is as well.

All the same chemicals that the brain produces that are attributed to happiness are also created and released in the digestive track.

When your digestive balance is off, then there is a good chance that your brain chemicals are going to be off balance as well.  There are many good books that illustrates this scientifically better than I ever could.

What does the digestive track do?

Besides breaking down your food, it is responsible for absorption and assimilation of nutrients in your food.  And, if the digestive track is inflamed it cannot do that appropriately.  This means that unless you are drinking cold pressed fruit and vegetable juice your body cannot absorb and put to work nutrients from your food.

The majority of your immune system lies in your digestive track.  Therefore, if you are eating things that do not work for your body, you will be sick more often and have a greater chance of developing allergies and major disease.

How do you know when your digestive track is off balance?

Do you have eczema?

Do you have autoimmune diseases?

Do you have allergies?

Does your brain get foggy?

Do you have unexplained depression?

Are your bowel movements normal?  Most of us know that we should have at least one bowel movement a day.  The size, shape and texture of that bowel movement should be taken into consideration.  It should be relatively large, depending on how much you eat.  It should not be too soft or too hard.

Do you get frequent heart burn?

Do you have gas or bloating?

Do you take over the counter remedies for any of these problems regularly?

How do you heal or maintain a healthy digestive track?

Probiotics, enzymes, cultured foods and organic foods as much as possible are the best way to get your digestive track to function optimally.  Avoid packaged and process foods, sometimes even the organic ones if you know you have a lot of healing to do in this area.  Avoid chemicals and pesticides in your food and on your skin as well.

You can get probiotics and enzymes in pill form, but it takes some patience to find just the right ones for your body.  Good quality ones are also not cheap.  The best way I found was to drink kombucha and water kefir for the living properties in them.  Last issue of Living Well in the south had the recipe for homemade water kefir.  I am sure that kombucha is just as easy.

Cultured foods like kimchi and coconut kefir work beautifully.  Ancient Awakening products are so good that I intend to do an article on them very soon. The banana vanilla coconut kefir is my favorite. They are available in the Atlanta area at most whole foods.

Pickled vegetables are also great, they are not necessarily the same as fermented foods like kimchi, but they are excellent.

Drinking fresh pressed juices is an excellent way to get live enzymes and nutrients into your system.  They are easily absorbed into your system and I have an article about them in this issue.

The one amino acid I have found that works wonders to repair the digestive track and ease the mind is L-Glutamine.

You can heal almost any ailment with the proper nutrition.

Every food has a purpose.  Food can be used as medicine in the right combinations, with the appropriate knowledge and preparation.

Please contact me at or leave a comment in the comments section if have any questions about this.  I have plenty of free resources as well as personal programs to help people get their health and wellness back on track.

I would also love to know what is the best thing you have tried to heal your digestive track.  Leave that in the comments section below.