I had been working on loving myself. I had been saying that when we love and have compassion for ourselves at the deepest level, it would trickle out into the world around us. It has happened for me in a way I had not expected.

I have experienced compassion on the deepest level I have yet to experience. It is something I have heard about before, but had not been able to manage.

In the last few weeks I have felt compassion for a rapist- whew- that was big. I have also felt compassion for the political system, for the men who created it, and for the men like Donald Trump who participate in it and leverage it for their own greed.

It is the most surprising and interesting and FREEING thing that one can experience. To not be ruled by fear and anger and know that the pain of being repressed and abused no longer has a hold on me.

I had been able to reach a neutrality around the system, neutral around politics and religion. But this is something new. Something BIG.

To have compassion and love, real true and deep love for these men and the fear these men held. The scarcity mentality that controlled them. Without judgement, and with a knowing that this really is how we heal the world and the system.

You are not wrong if you are angry. You are not wrong if you are afraid. You re not wrong if you worry that the earth will melt and all humanity will suffer. Just know it is meant to be a phase, this fear and anger, know that if you choose not to get stuck there – go within and see where you feel the same in you – if you too can come to a compassionate position for yourself, then the world changes automatically.

We won’t have to fight so hard. We won’t need to use brute force. We won’t need to use the ways that already exist in the world. We will create new ways. Or the new ways will emerge. And this change will happen with much more ease and grace than we ever thought possible.

The real work was within me, and your real work is within you.

Healing the world is the end result.