This week we had a very practical class with a wonderful meditation at the end that brought in much more information, once again, than I had planned on giving.  Procrastination isn’t always what you think.  We put together some things that you can do on your own to push through procrastination when that is what it is.  And we looked at when the universe is stalling you because you are not quite ready for what you are asking for.  We have tools and processes for wherever you happen to be to help you get your energy in line with your goals and vision.

I love working with groups.  I connect with all of you in the class and everyone that may take this class later.

Your homework for the week is posted under the video.


Here is the audio.

The password for the video is:  procrastination

Your homework this week is to celebrate every time you notice your flaws.  Saying things like “I got my feelings hurt this week, and I did that very well.  I blamed the other person for being unloving and uncaring, and I did that very well.  I am human and I love being human. I am week enough to have my feelings hurt by someone who is also in pain.  I celebrate how human I am”  This will inevitable alter that pattern, over time.  For me this week, It dissolved that being hurt in moments.

I do like the overeating analysis I gave in the video though.  That almost seems a more practical example.

Celebrate your humanness.

Another piece of  homework if you found that you needed to get out of a pattern of procrastination.  Do ANYTHING different.  Move your body differently or use your left hand for something you usually use your right hand for.  Drive a different route to your destination.  Use a different grocery store.  Call someone you usually text.  Something, anything.    Read something about your goal and dreams.  Do something different so you can change the neurotransmitters and start enjoying the act of changing.  This will change your energy in a very small way and that will lead to a much bigger way.

Some questions you can ask the universe when you wonder how to move forward:

Is there anything I can do right now or today to prepare myself for what I want?

Is there anything I need to know before I can see results from taking action?

Is there any energy I can embrace in order to receive direction?

May I prepare myself to be ready when the time is right for me to take action?

May I cultivate the energy to actually LIVE what I am asking for?



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