6 Week "Moving Through Change" Meditation Program

Class SIX: Put it all together




This was a fantastic class.  I got to have a few conversations with people this week to find out where they were having trouble.  So, we went back to the beginning to embody the essence of who we really are, release a bit more resistance and claim the energy we want to be and create.

I am telling you guys, LOVE WHAT IS UNLOVABLE ABOUT YOU!  Every part of you is lovable.  If you best friend came to you and complained about what you complain about yourself, don’t you think you would tell them you love them anyway!  And doesn’t that make them feel safe and better, and be easier with themselves.  Treat yourself like you are the mother you didn’t have (or didn’t talk to about this stuff).

Love yourself and watch yourself change.




Here is the audio.

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