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I must say that I have missed you guys!  I also know that I promised a bonus class and told you all that I would probably make it this week.  Well, time has slipped away.  We are in the process of moving and even though I love change, this move surprised me, and dare say, threw me off balance just a little bit.  Moving is a bit bigger change than I had anticipated.

So, I recorded a meditation for you.  This is extra grounding as we played with the stars so much I have really had the need to ground and I have found some new processes that have worked for me.  I wanted to share them with you.

I would like to do the bonus class next Wednesday if anyone can join me.  This weekend my son has a soccer tournament from Friday through Sunday, so I won’t have any time.  Please let me know if Wednesday Oct 19 works for you.



Here is your bonus extra grounding meditation



Here is a 30 minute call I did bringing in this magnificent cobalt blue energy that is grounding your truth and freedom deep into your bones.  We brought in some bright white star light to keep our vibration high at the same time.  A wonderful experience.  I hope you enjoy!









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