There are many ways to work with me.

Beyond Therapy has its own description page and has been the basis of my work for the last few years.  The page here is dedicated to some new offerings to compliment beyond therapy with powerful group work and/or ceremony.

A typical Beyond Therapy energy healing session with me is 60-75 minutes which is usually broken down as starting conversation to discuss where you are and what you are looking for out of our session, on the table work about 35-40 minutes and closing where we sit down together again and talk about your experience and how to use this in your daily life.

Many people find in successive sessions, they are craving more conversation.  They have a lot of questions, they want to talk about my life and how I use these tools of awareness to catch myself and change my behaviors in real time.  They find that if they talk more about their personal lives they can themselves find their own awareness as well.  So, I have started to offer tea or cacao with herbal extracts, mushrooms, elixirs for either just more of a conversational session, or to add to the typical beyond therapy session for a longer and deeper experience in my space.

I charge by the hour and am flexible with how you want to work.  Which type of session you need on each visit is up to you.

Tea or cacao ceremony  If we add this to a beyond therapy session, we will increase our time in session to 90 – 105 minutes.  The fee for this is $175.  If we only process verbally (not getting on the table) with conversation and keep the time to 60-70 minutes the fee is $135.   Information about the teas and cacao at the bottom of this page

I am also considering bringing in a group tea or cacao ceremony on Friday mornings as a community discussion group.  Let me know if you are interested in that.

Half day and Full Day retreats by yourself or with friends.  These are structured on an individual basis depending on your needs.  The general layout would be as follows

For a personal half day retreat would include starting with tea or cacao ceremony, herbs, tinctures and elixirs as necessary.  A short session.  If the weather is good we would go for a walk or interact with nature in some way.  If the weather is not so good, we would have movement of some kind in my space.  I like intuitive movement and I am qualified to provide some yin or restorative yoga type options.  We would end with a meditation or another short session to move what we had talked about.  3.5 hours $320

Group half day with 3-4 friends would have a similar layout with group work instead of private session and the fee would be shared among all of you at $425 because more tea and with more people there is just more skill required from me to keep everyone moving at a similar pace.

Full day retreat would be 5-6 hours and the fees would include lunch either catered or prepared in advance by me.  We can bring in a yoga instructor or sound therapist.  I have massage therapists we could incorporate if it is just yourself or one friend where you could each have a private session with both myself and a massage therapist.  There would be more outside nature therapy or art therapy.  We can include dance or other movement.  The possibilities are endless and would be structured for your needs and desires.  More planning required for these, so these would be scheduled at least 2 weeks out depending on your needs.


Collaboration with Mandi Rae from ecstatic astrology

Mandi and I have decided to offer a package that if you are new to either of us, you can get a slight discount.  Payment up front of $195, which is a $38 discount, to see us both within a two week period.  This can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, who you are, why you are the way you, and prepare you to use your challenges as opportunities for growth.

I have had the most fun collaborating with Mandi Rae in the classes we have come together to facilitate the last few months.  Astrology is a pretty intense study that I have always gravitated towards, but never fully understood.  However, I love Mandi’s perspective and I have been able to grasp more of what she says than most astrologers that I have worked with.

Your birth chart is a complex thing.  It is a window into your world.  I don’t necessarily plan my life around predictions in astrology, because we never know really how, for example, any upheaval in a certain astrological house is actually going to look, but it can show us from a different perspective where we might have blocks or challenges coming up.  What Mandi and I both agree on, is that challenges can really be looked at as opportunities for growth.

I navigated a divorce settlement during Mars retrograde.  Mars is the god of war.  We did it without attorneys.  We both compromised a bit and I ended up feeling it was as fair as it could be.   Things don’t have to be hard.  We just have to be super present and know what energies are in the air so as not to allow them to dictate our behavior.


Group Meditation Mondays at 10am at Unity of Birmingham or I can include you over zoom allowing you to be part of the group even though you may be in another part of the country or being extra careful because of Covid.  We use the large sanctuary at Unity.  There is far more than 6 feet between people.  Wear your mask on the way in or to go to the bathroom and bring your own props.  You may take your mask off if you feel comfortable once you are seated and you may leave it on the whole time.  You may use the props in the sanctuary at your own discretion.  $15


Teas,  cacao and herbal medicines

Ceremonial tea from is used for it’s energetic properties and for flavor.  These teas are from China and Taiwan tended for generations by the same families, no chemicals used, cared for with reverence.  They are expensive and worth it.  I have Puerh, black tea, green tea, red tea, purple tea and white tea.  With properties to bring you back to center, uplift you, take you deeper into the body or the mind, soothe you or almost any other property you can imagine.

Ceremonial cacao from firefly chocolate comes from all over the world, also using healthy practices by generations and provide a living wage for its workers.  I usually have several varieties on hand from plain, medicinal mushroom, for vitality and/or balance.  Cacao in general is opening for the heart and the mind.

Teas like blue lotus to take you deeper into your mind, or herbs like skullcap, mugwort, gotu kola to soften your nervous system, bring serenity and accept the energy shift with more ease.

I use a variety of fern medicine or herbal tinctures to support my system and I am happy to provide these in your tea or cacao or create custom blends for you to take home.  My favorites are Hawthorn berry elixir that I make myself with dried berries soaked in brandy for a month with vanilla bean, cinnamon stick, cardamom and honey, so it tastes delicious and feels like a mother’s hug for your heart.  It brings the heart rate back into balance medically if taken regularly.  I use turkey tail tincture for immunity, lion’s mane to help stabilize brain connections.  This is very beneficial with the work we do in class or on the table as we reprogram our mind with more supportive thoughts and energies.