beyond therapy

Have you had therapy, but still feel like there is something more? Maybe you have read Brene’ Brown, Deepak Chopra or other self help authors and like the concepts, but are having trouble implementing them in your daily life.

You may or may not have gone to therapy, enjoyed therapy or even considered therapy, but that doesn’t matter because this isn’t therapy. This is beyond therapy. This is an experience. This is a visceral feeling in your body that brings to life parts of you, you had no idea resided in you. An awakening. A remembering of who you are beyond being a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur or whatever label you put on yourself.

My work is about embodiment of the higher self. I help you get in touch with the innate intelligence of your body. Allowing your higher self to drive you in ways that are appropriate just for you.

I help you realize your thoughts really do control your reality. Then you can take control of your thoughts, break old belief systems that don’t serve you. Recognize where you have been limiting yourself and shift that behavior. Therefore, you will shift your actual reality in large and small ways.

I am here to empower you with the creation energy that you already are.

I believe everyone has their own personal link to their higher self/creator. I believe we can all embody our higher self more fully. We can walk through fear and into a life we love once we have broken down our thoughts to be more loving and less restrictive. Our energy, or vitality or vibration (which ever language makes more sense to you) will naturally increase once we adopt a more loving and less judgmental approach to our own mind and body.

I believe that when we touch into our inner child we will discover even more about our own personal magic and what we have to offer ourselves, our community and the world. This opens us up to even more potential than we ever thought possible.

I believe love is the answer every time. I believe you can be strong and loving. I believe that when we transform ourselves with love, we transform the world around us.

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    If you are bumping up against situations in your life where you don’t know what is going on, but there is some kind of pattern in place that you would like to shift, and you just can’t seem to figure it out by yourself, private sessions are for you.

    If you feel like you don’t feel strong or confident enough to make different choices.

    If you feel like you are so caught up in the expectations of what you are supposed to do, and you do these things without as much joy as you like, private sessions are for you.

    I will help you find more clarity and confidence, having more motivation and being able to take action on your inspiration with more ease than ever before.

    I facilitate private sessions in person in Birmingham,AL and Atlanta, GA and over Zoom. Zoom is a video conference, can be done from any internet connection or phone. The effects of these sessions are just as powerful as in person.

    First session is $125 for 75 minutes
    Follow up Sessions are $99 60 minutes or $120 for 75 minutes.
    Package of 3 sessions $285
    Package of 6 session $564

    Please email me at for appointments or call me at 770-235-7599.