I am an energy healer. I help you master your energy body. Your energy body is the foundation for your emotional, mental, and physical bodies.


When you have mastered your energy body you are capable of creating your life with all the experiences and all the feels you want to feel.


People have been asking me for years what do I call what I do. I have never been able to put a name on it until now. Thanks to my good friend Sunshine who channelled these words that feel so accurate. Beyond Therapy.


I help you integrate your higher self into your physical body and into your mind. Establishing heart and mind coherence. I will help you tap into your intuition and find the confidence to operate based on that with more ease bypassing the fear programming in the brain. Eventually you won’t even be able to connect with the fear that had been controlling you.


To get the most out of working with me it helps to have done some inner work already. Meaning, even if you haven’t been to therapy, having read some self help books or been to yoga classes that have encouraged you to feel your feelings. Anything that has brought you to reflection and a bit of awareness of yourself.


Often times once people have done some of these things and found it helped, they also feel like there is something else – something still missing. Like they have more understanding about themselves, but still can’t break a pattern they see in their lives. Or they still have something unbalanced, unsettled, or they want to feel more joy, more connection or something they can’t even put their finger on.


… This is where I come in. I am always here to help connect you to the source of you and empower you to be the best version of you possible.