This calendar year of 2019 has been all about grounding. It has been about meeting and connecting with the earth on a whole new level. In classes, sessions and in life it started to look and feel different connecting with the earth. It has brought about a feeling that I am unshakable.

That does not mean that I am not human. It doesn’t mean that I don’t cry or feel things deeply. It just means that within moments of “bad news” or situations that would have normally sent me spinning out of control with emotion, I am finding my center, knowing that everything really is in perfect order. I can feel, more than ever, the universe has my back. I can feel safe in every moment. And that brings joy and contentment at a very deep level.

In my first private session in January, I became aware of the connection to the softer metallic elements in the earth. The energy signature of gold, silver and my favorite copper – started to permeate our physical bodies and connect us even deeper to the earth to conduct the grounding energy in the body with more speed and ease.

Just playing with the energy signature of these metals has changed me.

I was reminded they were malleable. I was reminded of alchemy. They remind me of my sovereign nature. That part of me that knows I create my reality, that I am an intricate part of the universe and that I have creative potential beyond what I ever thought possible.

Now, you don’t have to understand how and why the energy works the way it does. You don’t have to put any names on it like metal.

What you DO need to know is that the earth has the capacity to stabilize you. You need to know that your connection with the earth enhances intuition. That doing the emotional and energetic work that ties in with the mind will make you unshakable.

You need to know that loosing your triggers is a real possibility. That you don’t have to be affected when people around you are fussy. You don’t have to rise to every talking point when tragedy happens.

I have been tested greatly this year. My brother has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and in several systems of the body. We are buying a house after our move back to Birmingham not even a year ago. Things are not the same as they were when we lived here before. I have started working in a new location. Menopause. My son is in middle school which brings a whole new dynamic to our relationship.

Almost everything is new and different in my life. Where we live and work, our family, represents a great part of our foundation. This is not our true foundation though. Our connection to our higher self and the earth, this is our strength, this is our foundation.

With all this going on, I feel more solid in my body than ever. I choose not to rise to anxiety as we negotiate the house. I still cry about my brother some times. Yet, I know, he is sovereign and regardless of how his story ends, he is love and came to teach us resilience and healing and love in all its many forms.

I am peaceful in the midst of all this chaos. And that, my friends, is priceless.

The energy out there now is very big. It is shaking all of our realities to help us create a life that honors who we came here to be. Please do not hesitate to reach out for a private session or come to a group class if just standing on the earth and taking a walk on the earth is not stabilizing enough for you.