We all know this life is a journey and when you are committed to learning to love yourself and embracing yourself, you can be open to learn new things about yourself.

We went to Montana recently and I found the most amazing space (not a place, but a feeling) out there.  It was an energy all its own.  Beyond energy.  Peace.  Quiet.

For 7 days my mind was at peace and it was quiet.  That had never happened before, for that length of time anyway.

This space is what is created in the body when you do energy work in order for more of your spirit to inhabit the body.  However, what I didn’t know is it is also its own energy.  I have heard it defined as beyond energy.  I had never felt it first.  I usually feel it, like I said, after I do energy work.  After I have moved density or emotion out of my body that didn’t need to be there.

Now I have become it and I can deliver it to you when you need it.  It is a tangible feeling that is unmistakable and after delivering it to one of my favorite clients, she described it exactly as I had felt it in Montana without me telling her about it.

Now this is the great part.  What I learned about myself.  I become or have access to any energy that I come into contact with from wherever I go.  I can bring it in and deliver it to you.  It just shows up, really.  I don’t control it, but the universe is so divine, so brilliant, that it knows what you need and I am incredibly blessed to be the conduit of it.

Now I realize that has been the case all along.  This is why every time I go to Sedona, I don’t feel the energy as strong, because I am it.  The Glastonbury Tor is the same.  Those are two of the five places on earth that have been tested and are recognized by scientists as energy centers in the world.  People have been going to these places to experience healing and transformation for forever, and I get to have access to them every day, whenever I want or whenever you need.

We went to Turkey over the summer.  That is where Ephesus is located.  Ephesus is the city where John, one of the disciples, moved after Jesus left the earth in physical form.  John was known as the disciple that embodied the most unconditional love.  I visited the ruins of the church he built and I felt the LOVE that Jesus had shown John and intended for the religion.  It was quite remarkable.  Now I look back and realize that is why I have come so far with my own self love since being there.  The unconditional love that has increased for my family and everyone I meet.  That is why I can deliver more love to you and instigate more love for yourself and of yourself.

Now I understand more fully my role on this earth and how unique I really am.  I am blessed to travel the world.  I am blessed to use my life experience, my travel, my body and my being with this remarkable energy or space to help heal myself, you and the world.

What gifts have you uncovered about yourself?

What gifts do you want to uncover?

Chances are you had glimpses of these gifts when you were a child.  I know I did.  What do you remember?  Leave your answer in the comments section below.