Fist I need to say that as a hairstylist for the last 25 years and a health and wellness coach for the last 4 years, that some hair loss daily is to be expected.  I am pretty sure in school we were taught that 80-120 hairs a day was completely normal hair loss.   We need to investigate the underlying causes when your pony tail (if you were to wear one) seems thinner than before.  We also do not want to see actual balding spots on your head or such thinness that you can start to see through to the scalp.

There is more than one possible cause of hair loss.  I will go over the top 3 reasons and what to do about them.

Thyroid imbalance is the leading cause of hair loss.  What you have to understand about your blood tests for thyroid function is, they are not always correct.  If you test the same person every day for a week, you would likely get 6 or 7 different readings.  The best doctors understand your symptoms.  If your doctor has told you that you are borderline in thyroid function, and can not medicate you for it, the best thing to add to your diet is iodine.  The iodine in table salt does not absorb or assimilate into your system.  The best source I have found for iodine is bladderwrack extract.  Bladderwrack is a sea grass loaded with iodine and I have found that the body works with this source the most fluidly.  You can purchase at whole foods.  Taking this morning and evening is best to get your levels normal and maintain them.

Stress is the second  biggest culprit for hair loss.  Adrenal function is directly related to stress. Learning to manage that stress in a healthy way is always best.  Yoga and meditation are two ways to address this issue.  There are plenty more ways to manage stress in the body.  There are supplements that can aide your adrenal function.  Because one part of the body affects other parts we know that if your adrenals are out of balance for a long period of time that will affect your thyroid.   I personally use an amazing supplement that balances the adrenals and thyroid through the hypothalamus negative feedback loop.  You must be muscle tested to determine if this supplement is appropriate for you. There are many other adrenal support formulas as well.  Homeopathic medicines, herbal tinctures and tablets as well as bovine adrenal complex can all support a healthy adrenal function.  Determining food intolerances and allergies have a big impact on adrenals and stress and ultimately hair loss.  I have found that keeping my adrenals working properly is the best way to manage my allergies as well.  (Another post soon to follow about allergies)

Low iron is sometimes forgotten as a cause for hair loss.  I don’t know why doctors don’t think about this, but the blood feeds the hair follicle and produces hair.  When you don’t have enough iron or oxygen in the blood stream the body will use what you do have to feed the more important life saving elements and organs in your body before it will feed the hair.  Iron supplements are sometimes very difficult for the body to break down and assimilate into the body.  The best iron supplement I have tried is floridix.  It is plant based.  However, when my iron is low the best thing that works for me is to use chlorophyll to boost the oxygen in my blood stream.  The function of iron is to bring oxygen to the blood stream, and since iron frequently causes constipation, I don’t like to use it.  I use chlorophyll to do the job of iron.  A well oxygenated blood stream fights infections, gives you energy, and feeds the hair follicles for fuller thicker hair.  It usually only takes a week or two to see some results.  At first you will notice that not as much hair is falling out.  It may take a few months for the hair to feel thicker depending on how long you wear your hair.

If you do not know which of these reasons is the reason you are experiencing hair loss, please understand there is hope.  I can muscle test you to determine the best way for you to find the health in your body that gives you the hair that you want and ultimately makes you feel better as well.  If we do a quick muscle test in the salon while I am working with your hair, there is no charge for that.  Sometimes to determine allergies or determine underlying causes of adrenal malfunction and the best course of treatment we will need a 20 or 30 minute session to do more muscle testing and energy work to help balance your body and give the treatment the opportunity to work faster.

Please call (770)235-7599 to book your appointment.  I work in Birmingham full time and in Atlanta monthly.  I can also do a form of muscle testing over the phone and with Skype.  I look forward to being of service.

Please comment if you have any other questions about this or with what you have tried that helps with any of these issues.