This is an odd concept to some people, but making friends with your body, talking to it and listening to it are essential to having it function properly. We talk a lot in yoga class and even mainstream media now about connecting the mind, body and spirit, but most of us don’t really know what that means.

When we are in balance with body, mind and spirit everything tends to run more smoothly. Our intuition is accurate, we know what our body is capable of and our mind doesn’t run down the rabbit hole.

Chances are if your relationship with one of these three is strongly off the mark, then none of them are running in top form. That is not to say that if you have physical limitation that your mind can’t work properly or your spiritual connection isn”t in top form. What I mean is – that if you have physical limitations and a good relationship with your mind and body, you won’t get as frustrated with your body because you are aware of what it is capable of and you won’t mind (you might actually enjoy) going through this growth process that this limitation has brought to you.

This is also the space where true healing can take place.

I believe that there is no cap to how well the body can heal. I believe that all things are possible. With time, with diligence, working with the mind, communicating with the physical body – as well as the emotional and spiritual bodies – we can defy the odds and find true meaning and joy in life regardless of what we are dealt.

Below is a video where we will start to talk to the body and lean in a little bit to feel how we can make that connection becoming friends with the body and learning to control the thoughts in the mind. Start the process of connection and healing before you even have your first private session or join me in meditation class.