I was preparing for my last few regular classes of the year just now when I got a jolt of inspiration to celebrate the darkness and extend the invitation to you to do the same.

Usually as a modern busy society we dread the dark days. This year, however, my heart and eyes have awakened to the love of it. This year I choose to celebrate the approaching winter and love myself in the absence of exterior light finding more light within than I ever thought possible.

I am creating an anointing oil to use on foreheads, hearts and hands. I am bringing candles and plan to set a warming and intentional space to help all those that come to do the same.

We are going to strengthen our foundation even more with readings that will help us forgive ourselves for ever believing we were separate from source. We will be repeating the mantras that help us dissolve fear of seeing ourselves as source energy.

This will empower us to walk into the rest of our holiday season and into 2019 with the confidence to follow our guidance, to allow our higher self to direct our lives towards more fulfilling and sustained joy, to be more loving with ourselves and others.

I often can’t believe how much more joy I can find. I am still surprised by the love that is available to me, through me. I have been “unwell” the last few days with some type of cold or flu, but as I embraced the pain and loved the negative thoughts that arose, as I pampered myself with salt baths, teas, hot lemon water with whiskey and such. I found a joy in resting and I found more darkness and I found a well of light that I can not explain.

In class, hopefully, I will be able to bring it to you for you to experience. Because that is really what I do. I uncover more of my light so I can share it with you and help you find even more of Your light.

Choose what you participate in this holiday season. Choose to honor yourself with what is most healthy for you.

Class times Monday December 10 at 6pm
Sunday December 16 at 4:30
Monday December 17 at 6pm
All at Conscious Body Healing Arts
There will be no class on December 24 or December 31.
Regular class schedule will resume on January 7
For more information on location and price of these classes, click here.

I will be joining with Katie Boswell on Sunday December 30 for a workshop on self love/self care with restorative yoga, meditation and energy work from 2-4:30. We will also take a little time to set some new year intentions at the end of the workshop. For more information on the workshop click here.

If you can’t participate in a class, please find a little time for yourself to take a look within and find even more of your own light however it is you do that.