What a strange time!  We have all asked for change on this planet.  We have asked for a new direction.  More community.  More supportive nature for us all.

Now is the time to start that change.  Always within ourselves first.  We have been asked to self quarantine.  We are doing it for the most part.

Honestly, I was in resistance at first.  I love my in person contact.  I love hugs and I love to have class.  I made a facebook post about how clean my environment was and how I still wanted to support people.  But the truth is, I have seen that it is time to go inward, some more.

I got a sore throat.  Not one I am afraid of, but just enough to say “don’t think you can’t get this virus and don’t think you can’t transmit it, even if your intentions are good”

So, I have cancelled them all.  I will go without hugs, but I can still support you.  Today I took my regular 10:30 class to facebook live.  Here it is if you would like some calm and support.

The photo is my new space, waiting and ready for when you can come take a class there.  There will still be an outdoor class on Thursday with social distancing. https://www.sheribagwell.com/group-class/celebrate-spring/