My Story

I was lying in bed one night, 9 years old, thinking about my unusual experiences. I had only told a few family members about them. I was met with strange looks when I asked what it sounded like when god talked to them. I couldn’t explain the sensations of lightness that I would feel in my arms and my head. Or how I understood complex emotional situations in adults.
While lying there, still, I wondered if I could induce those sensations. I realized I could. I then figured that if I could turn them on, I could turn them off and I did.
Right then and there. I decided to be “normal”.
It was also about that time that I started to throw up a lot. Then as a teenager I developed worse conditions. In my 20’s resorting to surgeries and taking medications, to try to bring my body back in balance. Finally, I decided to have a hysterectomy in my early 30’s.
As only the universe can orchestrate, I heard about this energy healer. I was intrigued. Somehow I was drawn across town, into the home of my first mentor. Dr Shea.
She balanced my body with energy. From my very first session, it was a miracle. My body knew what to do. It healed itself completely.  I was aligned. I was clear, balanced.
I felt what I recognize now as myself flow though my body.
This began my awakening. My Remembering.
And it is my greatest joy to help you remember. We all can remember. Our love. Our strength and confidence. Our connection to the earth, our higher self, the universe. All that is.
Do you remember?


Beyond Therapy