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Sheri Bagwell  is a channel for divine light.  A vibrational catalyst who disrupts your looping and limiting thought patterns allowing you to move to higher states of consciousness and enjoy being in a body.
Sheri believes our mission on earth is to embody the divine.  We want to be connected to source and embrace our humanity to fully experience everything we have to experience, which is joy of being in a body.
Sheri has a beautiful connection and communication with source energy and helps her clients expand their connection and develop more trust in it.  Her mission is to truly empower people to know who they are and take control and responsibility for their life.

Being fully embodied means having more clarity and confidence, having more motivation and taking action with more ease than ever before.


Please email me at for consultations and appointments or call me at (770)235-7599.  

We can work together over the phone, on a video platform called zoom or over Skype.

We can work in person by appointment in

Atlanta GA


Back to life naturally in Birmingham, AL

I offer group classes at Conscious Body Healing Arts on Sunday and Mondays twice per month

I offer private sessions, packages and I am available for group meditations.





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