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I believe everyone has their own personal link to their higher self/creator. I believe we can all be more aware of our gifts and talents. I also believe that when we recognize our behavioral patterns and shift the unconscious ones, we become even more loving, centered and comfortable in our skin.
I believe that when we touch into our inner child we will discover even more about our own personal magic and what we have to offer ourselves, our community and the world. This opens us up to even more potential than we ever thought possible.
I believe love is the answer every time. I believe you can be strong and loving. I believe love transforms everything! I believe that when we transform ourselves with love, we transform the world around us.


Private session are designed to help you connect with your higher self, to see and feel your truth in your body and be able to live authentically in all the many wonderful aspects of it.


Private sessions are where we get into very detailed and specific behavioral patterns and help you see them from a higher perspective and change them with ease if necessary.  The shifts and changes are immediate and take very little time to integrate into your daily life.  You know when you are interacting with someone and you say or think to yourself “I doubt they even know they are like that”, this is what I am talking about.   We all have these facets of ourselves, so if you are bumping up against situations in your life where you don’t know what is going on, but there is some kind of pattern in place that you would like to shift, and you just can’t seem to figure it out by yourself, private sessions are for you.

If you feel like you don’t feel strong or confident enough to go after what you want, private sessions are for you.

If you feel like you are so caught up in the expectations of what you are supposed to do, and you do these things without as much joy as you like, private sessions are for you.

If you are reading books from Brene’ Brown, Gabby Bernstein or any other self help authors and you are having trouble putting the concepts into practice in your life, private sessions are for you.

Being embodied means having more clarity and confidence, having more motivation and being able to take action on your inspiration with more ease than ever before.

I facilitate private sessions in person in Birmingham,AL and Atlanta, GA and over Zoom. Zoom is a video conference, can be done from any internet connection or phone. The effects of these sessions are just as powerful as in person.

First session is $120 for 75 minutes
Follow up Sessions are $99 60 minutes or $120 for 75 minutes.
Package of 3 sessions $285
Package of 6 session $564

Please email me at for  appointments or call me at 770-235-7599  

Group Classes

Group classes are a wonderful introduction or ongoing experience of energy work.  They remind you that you are not alone in the community.  There are many beautiful souls in our community who are striving to live  life from a place of love, who are choosing to live consciously in each present moment.  Please come together and join us for an experience you will take out into the world with you.

Monday Evening Meditation and Healing Energy class

This class is open to everyone, suitable for beginner to advanced.  We will use our breath to bring more energy into our body.  We will learn more about the chakra system/energy body and how we can use our energy centers to be present and enhance our lives.  We will energetically embody our higher self and learn how to function in the world around us from a more loving place.  Everyone is encouraged, although not required, to talk about their experiences or ask questions at the end.  These classes take place every other week.  $15 per class or a 4 class package for $48, saving twelve dollars for the package.  Our next classes will take place April 9 & 23.  May 7 & 21.

Sunday Advanced Meditation and healing energy class

This class is open to people who have had private session with me or anyone fluent in the chakra system/energy body.  The energy usually moves quicker in this class because there is not as much explanation of what things mean.  We will embody the truth of who we are.  We will claim our place in the world.  There is usually a bit more discussion in this class of how we are putting these concepts into practice in our lives.  This class takes place every other Sunday at 4:30.  $15 for individual session or a package of 4 for $48, saving $12 for the package.  Our next classes will take place April 8 & 22  May 6 &20

Please email me at for consultations and appointments or call me at 770-235-7599  





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