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About me

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I was about to have a hysterectomy. I was choosing this. I had lived a life of pain, since I was about 12 years old. My periods and my hormones were so out of control that I was ready. This was my last option for health and stability — I thought.

My doctor made me wait 6 months to schedule it because I was so young and I didn’t have children, but I could handle it since I had been feeling like this for almost 20 years, six months was definitely doable.

As I was watching late night TV on a local Atlanta station I saw an energy healer who could balance your body with just energy.  How was that possible? All I knew was that I had a different kind of hope,  hope of a life not on hormone replacement therapy.

I finally went in to see her and from the minute I stepped out of her house I was different.  I was balanced, happy and calm. Everyone noticed. What I also noticed was that I started to remember phenomena from childhood when I would have these experiences of energy that nobody understood back then. And now it all started to make sense. I could channel energy from the universe, but because I found it so scary as a child, I turned it off, and now it was turned on and it was turned on big!

All of a sudden I knew I had words of wisdom for people. I could help people with their pain and I wanted to share it with the world.

What I have found that I do is open people up to who they naturally are. I help them create their own personal connection to their higher self so that they can know themselves, heal themselves, take actions in life that feel good and live a life that is authentic,  real and full of love. Most of the time that brings peace and happiness as well. It definitely makes you comfortable in your skin.

One thing I have noticed is that all of my clients have affected their families, work environments, communities and this work trickles out in the world to make the whole world a better place. One person who learns who they are, lives from a space of love can affect thousands of people. And that is why I do what I do. Because I have to. Because I love people and I want everyone to find peace within and because I love this earth and I want humanity to survive and thrive on a peaceful and loving planet.

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