About Me


About me

I am a channel of divine light.  A vibrational catalyst who disrupts your looping and limiting thought patterns allowing you to move to higher states of consciousness and enjoy being in a body.

I carry big energy.

 What is energy work?

Everything is energy.

Yoga moves prana in the body.  Prana = life force energy

Thai Chi and Qi Gong move chi/qi.  Chi and Qi = life force energy

The Hebrew word for life force energy is Ruach.  It is translated in the bible as wind, something unseen and several other words or phrases like that.

Thought patterns are energetic.

Emotions are energy.  It actually could be translated as energy in motion because emotions are supposed to move through the body.  When we resist an emotion like embarrassment, sadness, anger or grief we trap the emotion in our body.  It can almost solidify and prevent energy from flowing freely in the body.

I am very practiced at moving energy and I just move it with my hands.

I have the ability to ask you questions that bring up the stagnant emotion in the body.  I spin the energy around the thought pattern or emotion while asking you if you are willing to release that.  When you say “yes”, you free up your energy to create a new energetic pattern to form.  This is a new pattern of your choice that gives you the ability to loose your triggers or buttons.  The new patterns we create are patterns of love, health and wellness of all kinds.

My clients tell me things like their body feels spring cleaned.  They sit differently i their body.

Irrational fears dissipate.  This leads to more freedom in your actions.

It is easier to be happy.  It is easier to give up control.

Energy work makes you feel happier to be in your body.  Helps the body and mind to function with more ease and less tension and anxiety.  It strengthens your intuition and your connection with the people and the world around you.

In addition to that I travel the world familiarizing myself with all the different energies this earth has to offer.  I can call on any energy I have been introduced to from around the earth as well as from anywhere in the universe to help you eliminate your mental, emotional or physical blocks.  This helps remind you who you are, your connection to all that is and helps make your journey back to you more fun and usually a little easier.


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